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Give your WiFi Super-Powers with powerful gateway integration and smarter security.

1. UniFi Gateway Consoles

UniFi OS is a powerful and intuitive operating system enabling an end-to-end management experience for all of your IT needs. When paired with our specially designed hardware you will have unparalleled control over your network and WiFi, security cameras, VoIP phones, door access, smart enterprise lighting, digital signage, and much much more!

You can manage UniFi from anywhere in the world using our UniFi Web Portal at unifi.ui.com, or our UniFi Mobile Apps (iOS/Android).

2. WiFi & Access Points

UniFi is a state-of-the-art solution allowing you to effortlessly manage 100 APs in the same way you manage an individual AP. They offer enterprise quality hardware performance in a variety of elegantly designed form factors for a wide range of applications in any professional environment.

Pair with a UniFi Gateway Console for a full-featured UniFi Network including enhanced network security and traffic analytics, built-in VPN access, and powerfully intuitive Policy-Based Routing (PBR).

3. Security Cameras

UniFi provides advanced AI-powered detections to facilitate camera security: Motion Detection, Person Detection, Vehicle Detection, License Plate Recognition* and more! *Requires an AI-series camera.

4. Doorbell & Sensors

Your premium UniFi doorbell with an enhanced package detection camera and integrated display.

4. Recorders

Top-notch performance, long-term storage, and nearly infinite scalability. Built for enterprises.

5. Switching

Four primary families of switches, with varying port numbers and speeds: Utility: Our small, lightweight switches are flexible and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Available in a range of port numbers and speeds. Standard: Powerful switches ranging from 8 to 48 GbE RJ45 ports, with PoE and non-PoE options. Ideal for mid-sized networks. Professional: The next level up from our Standard series, with increased PoE power capacity, power redundancy support, 10G optical connections, and Layer 3 routing features. Ideal for high-performance networks. Enterprise: Our highest-end switches, designed for maximum power and versatility in any enterprise or campus environment. They include integrated 2.5GbE and 10GbE RJ45 ports as well as 25G optical connections. Perfect for large-scale networks.

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