How to Add a Wired Camera over WiFi connection to Your Current Wired Security System?

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If you already have a wired security system with 4 or 8 cameras and an extra PoE port on your NVR, you might be wondering how to extend your surveillance to areas like a granny house or garden shed without running additional network cables. Fortunately, there are efficient solutions that can help you achieve this seamlessly. Here's how you can do it:

Why Consider Adding a wired cameras over WiFi connection?

Adding a wired cameras over WiFi connection to your existing wired security system can provide several benefits:
  • Extended Coverage:
    Monitor areas that are far from your main house, such as a garden shed or granny house.
  • Flexibility:
    Avoid the hassle of running long network cables.
  • Cost-Effective:
    Save on the cost and labor involved in laying down cables.

Your Best Option: Wi-Tek Transmitter

One of the most effective solutions is using a Wi-Tek transmitter. This device can transmit data over long distances, up to 5 kilometers, provided there is a clear line of sight between the host point and the receiver point.

Steps to Set Up a Wi-Tek Transmitter:

  1. Positioning:
    Ensure that both the host point (main house) and the receiver point (granny house or garden shed) are in a visible and straight line of sight.
  2. Connecting the Host:
    Connect the Wi-Tek transmitter at the host point to your internet router or switch.
  3. Setting Up the Receiver:
    Place the receiver unit at the granny house or garden shed.
    Connect the PoE port of the receiver to your PoE camera.
  4. Integration with NVR:
    Ensure that your NVR is configured to recognize the new WiFi camera.
    You may need to access the NVR settings to add the camera manually.

Benefits of Using Wi-Tek Transmitter:

  • Long-Range Transmission:
    Capable of transmitting up to 5 kilometers, making it ideal for distant locations.
  • PoE Support:
    Simplifies the setup by powering the camera through the same Ethernet cable used for data transmission.
  • No Need for Network Cables:
    Eliminates the need for running network cables between your main house and the garden shed.

Final Thoughts

By using a Wi-Tek transmitter, you can easily add a WiFi camera to your existing wired security system without the need for extensive cabling. This solution not only extends your surveillance coverage but also offers a flexible and cost-effective way to monitor remote areas. Ensure that you have a clear line of sight between the host and receiver points for optimal performance.

With this setup, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your granny house or garden shed is under constant watch, all without the hassle of additional wiring. Happy monitoring!


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